York Model Engineers

Helping to expand your modelling horizons

Please help us raise the (new) roof
We are the York Model Engineering Club, situated on the outskirts of York, at Dringhouses. Our Club provides engineering facilities, a friendly environment and informal training and help for members of all ages to build and enjoy their model engineering marvels. We also engage with the local community to encourage the take-up of engineering at our Young Engineer events as well as helping organisations and communities local to York enhance their Fairs and Fetes with our portable track and steam loco for their visitors to enjoy.

We need a new workshop
Our existing building needs replacing as it is no longer weatherproof and is too small for the activities we would like to carry out. With a larger, better building we can contemplate offering new services such as more training and mentoring if we are to attract younger members.

Will you help us reach our financial target?
We rely on member subscriptions for most of our income, and this is limited. So, we are asking interested parties to help by donating money towards our new workshop fund. Our target is £10,000. We will match-fund all donations from our own resources. You can help in many ways – either by a single donation, coming to one of our fund-raising events at our club site in Dringhouses or maybe become an official sponsor.

Thank you

The picture is representitive of the type of building we are raising funds for, The type size and location have yet to be decided.

Possible Shed