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Calendar 2020

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Saturday 11th
Evening Talk – 7pm - The remarkable Jim Crebbin – Roger Backhouse

Saturday 22nd Evening Talk – 7pm - Building a Corpet Loovet – Richard Gibbon

Saturday 14th
Club Maintenance day
Saturday 21st
Evening Talk – 7pm - Art on or about the line – Bob Lovett

Saturday 11th to Monday 13th - York Model Railway Show
Sunday 12th
Open Day - Easter Steaming & Family Day, Young Engineers’ & Children’s Events
Saturday 18th
Evening Talk – 7pm - The Landrover Story – Jonathan Stockwell
Saturday 25th
Club Maintenance Day
Sunday 12th
Open - Easter Steaming & Family Day, Young Engineers’ & Children’s Events

Saturday 2nd
Evening Film – 7pm
Sunday 24th
Open Day

Saturday 6th
Summer Meeting – 7pm - The Trans-Andean Railway – Mike Pindar
Saturday 13th
Exhibition Night – 7pm - Best Work of the Year Competition
Sunday 21st
Open Day - Exhibition of Models – Kevin Dick
Saturday 27th
Club Maintenance Day

Saturday 11th
Summer Meeting - 7pm - The South Wold Railway – Rob Shorland-Ball
Saturday 25th
Club Maintenance Day

Saturday 8th
Summer Meeting – 7pm - Engineering Challenge
Saturday 15th
Club Maintenance Day
Sunday 16th
Members Running Day & Visit by 16mm Yorkshire Association
Saturday 22nd
Summer Meeting – 7pm - Bring something of interest to talk about

Sunday 6th
Members Running Day
Saturday 12th
Bits & Pieces Evening – 7pm
Saturday 19th
Club Maintenance Day
Sunday 20th
Open Day
Saturday 26th
Evening Talk – 7pm - More tales at a workshop - Crispin Cousins

Saturday 10th
Evening Talk – 7pm
Saturday 24th
Club Maintenance Day

Saturday 7th
Fireworks Steaming & Supper Meeting - Full running with fish & chips
Saturday 14th
Evening Talk – 7pm